Lost Property of the Pastons

Mary Paulson-Ellis, a writer who visited us earlier this year, has produced an innovative piece of writing based on the first Margaret Paston. She is a member of the 26 group, and the full piece can be seen on their Norwich project website.

It begins:

The Lost Property of the Pastons

Lost Property Office, Norwich: Regulations

Do not take anything from the office in case it becomes lost again
Do not add anything to the office in case it becomes misplaced
If you cannot find the item you are looking for, come back another time
Leave umbrellas at the entrance
Always wear gloves

Item, The Road to Yarmouth (1)…

It runs like a lizard’s tail up and down the coast, connecting my first home to my wedding bed. I trundle along it fresh-faced, in a cart, a gown of good worsted covering my skin. I am barely eighteen, but ready to bend [...]