Pastons a big factor in Blofield History Day


A huge amount of information on the history of the village was put on show at the Blofield History Day – and the Paston Heritage Society was invited to contribute to it as part of our 600PastonFootprints project.

  Peter Stibbons, Rob Knee and Blofield organiser David Pilch 


Two Edward Pastons, one 1550-1630 and the other his great-grandson (1660-1713), are commemorated in Blofield Church, together with their wives, Margaret Berney and Margaret Eyre. The latter has a poem praising her by poet laureate John Dryden, carved on the chancel floor.

There are also memorials to Clement of Barningham (father of the second Edward) and the mysterious Col John Paston, who is believed to be the first Edward's son.

PHS re-enactors demonstrated calligraphy, dyeing and medieval toys, among other things, to an ever-eager audience, many of them children, and were able to link with herbalists who were showing their skills in the main body of the church. PHS chairman Rob Knee, with his wife Penny, was able to establish good contacts for future projects at Blofield, and Peter Stibbons showed his PHS projects video on a loop. He also made a video of the day itself, which can be seen here.

Calligraphy being explained by re-enactor Diana George


Two medieval wise women in consultation


Tim Lenton (with the help of Lucy Care) also put together a leaflet, Who are these Pastons, and why are they here?, which placed the Blofield Pastons in the context of the family as a whole, and these were given away free. A number were left in the church for future visitors.