The Pastons' Country Project

In 2008 , as part of the Pastons' Country project, writing and printmaking workshops explored the world of the Paston letters and the landscape and buildings of Paston today.  There were opportunities for collaborative work between artists and writers on the project.

We combined the collaborations with an exploration of modern printmaking techniques – “ very suitable as the Pastons wrote their letters in the period when the first paper mill was built in England and the first printed books were published. 

Our innovation has been in the use of non-toxic intaglio printing in the making of images and words. The final product is a beautiful, hand-printed, limited edition book, and there will also be exhibitions of the work produced during the project.

Participating writers and artists have a piece of work included in the limited edition hand-bound book, which has been made by Judith Ellis. 


Participating Artists And Writers

Lucy Care, Hilary Davies, Lewis Davies, Di Griffiths, Marilyn Jeffries, Martin Laurance, Teri Lockton, Rupert Mallin, Margaret Malt, Martin Marshall, Joan Murray, Kit Price-Moss, Annette Rolston, Sharon Teague, Shirley Tolliday and Adrian Ward.

Lucy Care, Dot Cobley, Lisa D'Onofrio, Caroline Gilfillan, Rob Knee, Tim Lenton, Kay Riggs and Adrian Ward. 

The Pastons' Country was commissioned by the Paston Heritage Society in 2008 with the very generous assistance of 'Awards for All' and Norfolk Rural Community Council.

Click on the links below to go to the websites of some of the artists and writers involved in the Pastons' Country project

Annette Rolston
Caroline Gilfillan
Marilyn Jeffries
Martin Laurance
Tim Lenton
Mike Fenton
Teri Lockton
Diane Griffiths
Joan Murray
Rupert Mallin
Kit Price-Moss
Siri-Susanna Taylor
Sharon Teague
Horses Brawl
Stow Mill