Potential volunteers for Paston Footprints project in exciting get-together

Discussion during the meeting

An introductory get-together of potential volunteers for the three-year Paston Footprints project took place at the UEA Council House on Saturday (September 3, 2016) and was a huge success, with more than 50 volunteers attending.

After an introduction by Dr Karen Smyth of the UEA, a video and a briefing, the volunteers split up into groups to discuss potential avenues of approach, and later attention focused on the geographical areas (or "hubs") singled out for special attention. Discussion was vigorous and at times extremely imaginative, which bodes well for the future of the project.

Rik Martin led computerised feedback which threw new light on people's different views and preferences in a way that was new to most present. 

PHS chairman Dr Rob Knee said he was excited by the overall response. The EDP carried a full-page report and editorial comment calling for the Paston family to "take its place among the most venerated of Norfolk's sons and daughters". PHS founder Lucy Care described this as "all we hoped for when we founded the society".