Spades and sieves busy for Dig and Sow project

On Saturday, May 19, Paston Heritage Society joined forces with Time Team Archaeologist Carenza Lewis for a Cultural Olympiad Project to dig 30 pits in the parish of Paston.

Over 70 volunteers arrived to help with the excavations, which involved digging pits a metre square and a metre deep,  all over the parish. The cultural project – ‘On Landguard Point’ – also involved burying a gold charm, with a design symbolic of some aspect of the county of Norfolk, in the pit prior to backfilling.
With kind weather and a fine community spirit, and supported by a hog roast and beer tent, spades and sieves were busy throughout the day. During the final gathering in the church to have a quick summary of finds, each pit reported back with any headline findings of note. It will take time to have the material properly scrutinised, but there seemed to be plenty of evidence in the village of medieval and Roman pottery. Perhaps something older will emerge.  The findings will be publicised on the Landguard Point web site:
Greatful thanks and appreciation to the households and families of the Paston Community, all the visiting specialists and volunteers, for making the day one to remember. A report on the finds is now available under News.