You made the Paston Treasure shine!

A project to re-gild the frame of one of Norfolk’s most important paintings has hit its target - after nearly 200 people helped raise just over £14,500 for the work. The Paston Treasure – the historic painting commissioned by Robert Paston, Earl of Yarmouth, in the 17th century – was selected by Norwich Museums to launch their first ever crowdfunding project. The aim: to re-gild the frame of the picture and in their words "to make a Norfolk treasure shine".

Painted by an unknown Dutch artist at Oxnead Hall in Norfolk over 350 years ago, it depicts treasures collected by the Paston family. In the 17th century, the ornately carved frame would not have looked as it does today – plain wood – but would have been gilded. Over 200 people contributed to the £14,500 needed to transform this unique piece of Norfolk’s heritage. 

See EDP report here.