Recent Events

Pastons at Cromer

The Paston Heritage Society took a full part in the Cromer History Day at the community hall, Cromer, on October 24, 2015. Pictured is re-enactor Diana George giving help to a visitor with medieval calligraphy.

The Hellesdon connection

The Paston Heritage Society was invited to help highlight the Paston connection to Hellesdon (the siege and sack of Hellesdon Manor by the Duke of Suffolk) in the carnival procession on July 18 and to run a stall with activities and information. Carole and Phil Martin provided paper-making, Pat Dawson demonstrated medieval textiles and Diana George provided calligraphy opportunities. Penny and Rob Knee paraded as Margaret and John Paston.

Fine outlook for annual meeting – and dates for diaries!

An auspicious 13 members attended the annual meeting of the Paston Heritage Society, which took place at 7.30pm on THURSDAY 23rd APRIL in the MANOR HOTEL, MUNDESLEY. This was a new setting for us, and we enjoyed the sea view and comfortable chairs – not to mention the excellent sandwiches, provided by member Jo Berry. Many thanks to her.

You made the Paston Treasure shine!

A project to re-gild the frame of one of Norfolk’s most important paintings has hit its target - after nearly 200 people helped raise just over £14,500 for the work. The Paston Treasure – the historic painting commissioned by Robert Paston, Earl of Yarmouth, in the 17th century – was selected by Norwich Museums to launch their first ever crowdfunding project. The aim: to re-gild the frame of the picture and in their words "to make a Norfolk treasure shine".

UEA lecturer speaks on digital museum project

UEA lecturer Dr Karen Smyth, well known to PHS members for her talks at Dragon Hall and the Norfolk Record Office, spoke at our  members' meeting at Bacton Village Hall, at 7.30pm on Wednesday, October 15.

She spoke about the Paston Digital Museum Project, which the university is launching in partnership with the Paston Heritage Society, with the eventual aim of providing online links to all aspects of the Pastons – including historical, geographical, artistic and literary. It is hoped eventually to have all the letters available online.

Author of Margery Paston book speaks to PHS members

Author Susan Curran spoke to one of our regular members' meetings at Bacton Village Hall on July 3. 

She gave a detailed and fascinating account of Margery's life, drawing on a great deal of research involving both the Pastons and Richard Calle, their land agent, who Margery married much against her parents' wishes. She included controversial views about the Pastons' origins and reputation which sparked some lively debate afterwards.